It’s Time to Scatter Joy!

We are finally open for business on the farm! But before we could truly start our Christmas Season we had to give thanks for all our blessings. Of course we did this on Thanksgiving Day by celebrating with 36 family members and close friends. We actually hosted it in our 200 year old barn. It was truly magical. We started the day by giving a hayride to family members to pick their trees and gathered at 3pm to break bread together. We all held hands and after grace we each shared what we were most thankful for. It reminds us of how lucky we really are. We felt particularly honored to host Thanksgiving as we prepared for our opening day, which by the way was a TREEmendous occasion! Everyone was having such a great time… we made new friends from Columbus, Zanesville, Pittsburgh and Morgantown. It was so exciting for us to have guests travel so far to come to see our farm. Thank you one and all!

As this Christmas Season starts to speed up… and of course it will, remember to “Scatter Joy” where ever and whenever you can. We get in such a hurry at this time of year…and at times a bit impatient, so take a deep breath and remember to give thanks for and to say thanks to those who enrich your life and make you smile…and maybe even to those who don’t. Scatter a little joy on them as well and maybe it’ll brighten their day! Help some one in need or donate to a local cause this Christmas Season. I find that I get more joy in giving than in receiving. It makes me smile to make someone else smile Try it… it’s most definitely contagious!

Again, a great big thanks to all who visited us this weekend and we so look forward to seeing all who will visit in the coming weeks.

With great sincerity,

Queen of the Forest