A Christmas Tree Miracle

So… let me explain.

Go back to Christmas 2011… We were in the middle of one of our busy weekends in December when a customer approached me and told me that besides being a loyal customer of Feisley Tree Farms,  that she was also a producer of a small film company. She went on to explain that they had a script that had to do with Christmas and would we mind if they did a few shoots here at the farm. Ecstatic would probably be the word I would use to describe how Geoff and I felt; we were so eager to become involved.

January 2012… The film company comes for a visit to look every thing over and to give us a plan of how the farm will be used… I, of course invited them in, offered them something to drink… and proceeded to give them a tour of our 1846 farmhouse. Having not seen the script, I assumed most of the shots would be in the fields or the barnyard. We were walking through the rooms and some of the company started saying things like… “we could do this shot over here and”… “this room will be perfect for this shot and”… well you can imagine our surprise. Our house was going to be in the movie! They explained that we would need to redecorate for Christmas… our favorite time of year… no worries. As a matter of fact, the centerpiece tree that we put in our family room was prettier that the one I had just taken down!

March 2012… filming begins… What an adventure! The cast, the crew, and all the extras were amazing… we had so much fun! I had no idea that you could fit that much equipment with actors and camera men in a room at one time… and then you see it on screen… and magic… no… a miracle happens! I will never look at a movie the same way again! So, for 17 days we were part of a movie crew…helping with props, food, and anything else we could do… I even got to call action once. Living the Dream!

You ask… where is all this going? Let me tell you… The movie is about to be premiered!

November 15, 2013 will be the premier of “A Christmas Tree Miracle”. It will be shown at the recently restored Capital Music Hall in Wheeling, West Virginia. This will be a Red Carpet Event…oh my goodness…what to wear! If you still aren’t excited, let me share the movie trailer with you below.

I know…you’ve got to go now so that you get your tickets bought!  Tickets are available on-line or by calling 1-800-514-3849.

We are so proud to have been asked to be part of this very family oriented movie… something you don’t see very often today. For us, it truly has been “A Christmas Tree Miracle”

See you at the movies!


Queen of the Forest