Summer Sheared Away

Where has this year gone? It’s hard to believe that we are gearing up for Harvest 2012.  So many exciting things happened on the farm this year…this being the main cause for the year just flying by. Let’s see…where to begin.

During Christmas 2011, we were approached by Fly Over Films about shooting some scenes on the farm for a new independent movie about Christmas. Of course you can only imagine how ecstatic we were to be involved. Forward to March this year, filming began; what an experience we had. So much energy, chaos, but most important, fun, fun, fun. The crew, the cast, the extras…everyone was so nice, so easy to get along with…we felt we had an extended family for those 2 weeks. We can hardly wait to see the final product…we are excited for all of you to see it as well. For some sneak peaks at all that happened, visit them on Facebook. I am told a local release may happen this Thanksgiving.  More to come on this very exciting event.

In other big news this year…Feisley Tree Farms won the  2012 State Grand Champion Award for a spectacular Scotch Pine. This is a very proud achievement for us as it qualifies us to compete nationally for the White House Tree. We are very honored to represent  the State of Ohio.

Over the last couple of years, we have starting hosting events on the farm. Everything from hayrides to weddings, with graduations, birthdays, reunions and any other reason for getting together. Our 200 year old barn is a great place for gatherings big and small.

Not nearly as exciting, but certainly as important, let me update you on all we’re doing to prepare for this Christmas Season. Spring 2012 was certainly kinder to us than last year as far as planting goes. Not nearly as wet, so this went off without a hitch….fast forward to summer. Dry, dry dry!  Certainly we would have liked to have more rain than that. While our seedlings were not very happy, our more mature trees survived just fine.  We have just recently completed all of the shearing this summer and are currently very busy organizing our fall dig…so You should expect plenty of beautiful trees to choose from on your trip to visit us.

On a personal note, I am thinking up new ideas for wreath designs, and ways to decorate naturally, yet always keeping it simple, so as to keep it an enjoyable time with friends and family. I am planning another Wreath Night with Friends, with profits going to our local Library. Last years event was too much fun…laughing, sharing, decorating…our inner designers were bursting forth…and all for a great cause.  Remember…Christmas is about giving…so look around, do something this upcoming Christmas Season (with friends is always more fun) to make someone’s day brighter. Consider a cause as part of your gift giving. You’ll be surprised how great you’ll feel, and how your good deeds will spread.

Till next time, Spend more time with those you love, and We hope to see you this Christmas Season!

Best Regards,

Queen of the Forest